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Pb & J Pizza (Medium 12")

Pepperoni, bacon, & jalapeños

Gem Burger

Russian dressing, coleslaw, tomato, onion & bacon

Gem Steak

Fried onion, mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, garlic & provolone

Boardwalk French Fries

French Toast Platter

3 pieces of Texas toast, choice of meat and home fries

The Mac Wrap

Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, bleu cheese crumbles & balsamic dressing

Delicious French Toast and More

Delicious French Toast and More
Indulge in our classic French toast. Savor the fluffy, golden slices dusted with powdered sugar. Dive into a plate of warm, syrup-drenched perfection. Our French toast is a customer favorite, served with a side of crispy bacon or fresh berries. Experience breakfast bliss at our restaurant.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for American Favorites

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for American Favorites
Satisfy cravings with our American favorites. Enjoy convenient pickup and delivery options for dishes like juicy burgers, crispy fries, and fluffy pancakes. Indulge in our famous French toast from the comfort of your home. Order now for a delicious meal experience.

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